Adrasan is a Famous Holiday Destination

Adrasan is a village in Kumluca District of Antalya province, Turkey. The Bay has about 2 km of sandy beaches and a sparkling sea. There are many hostels and free beaches, food and beverage facilities in the bay. It is one of the most important and beautiful stops on the world-famous Lycian hiking trail. If you are looking for a calm and peaceful holiday theme, holiday in there will be a perfect choice for you. Also, you can check our other holiday destinations.

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Where is Adrasan, how to go?

It is 30 km from Kumluca District, 95 km from Antalya City Center, 55 km from Kemer District, and 15 km from Olympus district. Adrasan is a small holiday resort with a sandy beach and pristine nature covered with sand and small pebbles. It is a frequent destination for those who want to spend a quiet holiday away from the noise and enjoy the sea and the sun. It is located in the region between Mugla and Antalya. The town, which is approximately 95 kilometers from Antalya city center, is 111 kilometers from Antalya Airport. To reach there, you can go to Antalya Airport and go to Adrasan by public transport. Some hotels provide transfer services to the town for a certain fee. It is possible to reach the town with Kumluca and Adrasan minibusses departing at Antalya Bus Terminal.

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Adrasan Hotels

There are many options for accommodation in Adrasan. Although the hotels are the most preferred, you can find other accommodation options to suit your budget and taste. There are plenty of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to bungalow houses. The hotels are cheaper than hotels in other districts of Antalya. It is generally preferred by tourists who want to have a peaceful holiday. You will surely find a hotel that suits you for a comfortable and perfect holiday, intertwined with nature.

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Holiday in Adrasan

If you want to holiday there don’t imagine crazy night parties and colorful entertainment. You can choose other counties for these. The holiday is ideal for those looking for peace. It is the most suitable option for nature, sea, beach and plenty of oxygen. There are unique landscapes where you can take beautiful panoramic photos from each other. Its hotels are affordable and comfortable. Apply a different concept for your holiday this summer and choose Adrasan. You will not regret it ever.

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Travel Tips

If you have decided on a holiday in Adrasan, we would like to write you a few Travel Tips. Since transportation to there is a bit difficult, you will definitely need a guide or tour company. You do not have problems with transportation. They can meet you from Antalya Airport and bring you to Adrasan. Or you can contact the hotel you have booked and taken advantage of the transfer services. Leave all the troubles behind while coming to Adrasan! Adrasan will renew both your soul and your body. Its positive energy is great. Adrasan holiday will be good for you!

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What is the weather like there

It has a temperate and warm climate. The average annual temperature is 17 °C.

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