Alanya Has Famous Beaches In Turkey

Turkey is a very big peninsula and has plenty of beaches. Many districts have famous beaches and clear sea waters there. So, what is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to beaches in Turkey? It is Alanya Turkey.

Alanya Beaches

One of the things to do in Antalya is swimming in the Alanya beaches. Alanya hotels have green and blue together. You can see in Alanya seaside destinations that the sea and forest dance together there. It is one of the best choices in Turkey tourist map. There are many alternatives to accommodations in Alanya. If you are planning your trip to Alanya Turkey I recommend you all-inclusive Alanya hotels because they are cheap and have many free services. Before you book a room search on google following things;

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Airport Alternatives To Get To Alanya Turkey

Alanya district of Antalya Province recognized all over the world is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers. It has touristic facilities that provide accommodation for every budget.

Historical Dock of Alanya Turkey
The Dock Of Alanya

You can consider As an airport, alternatives in Antalya or Gazipaşa. The fact that it is 40 kilometers from Gazipaşa Airport to Alanya and 125 kilometers from Antalya Airport to Alanya is one of the issues that should be taken into consideration when deciding on this matter.

History Of Alanya

It located in the region between Pamphylia and Klikya in ancient times, was influenced by both cultures. It was under the rule of Turks after the reign of Allaaddin Keykubat (1200-1237), one of the Anatolian Seljuk Rulers, and the name of the city was changed to Alaiye. Atatürk, who visited It in 1935, named the city Alanya.

Is There Any Sightseeing in and around Alanya?

What can I do there except swimming and sunbathe? If you ask yourself this question, the answers are below.

1-Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle -Historical building in Turkey
Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle located in the highest part of the city. You can come here with your car or a tour bus. If you come with your car, you have to pay the parking fee. Entrance charge here, as in every castle in Turkey. If you don’t have a Museum Pass Card, the entrance fee is $5. For this reason, I recommend buying a Museum Pass Card.

2-Syedra Ancient City, Alanya Turkey

Syedra Ancient City in alanya Turkey
Syedra Ancient City

There are traces of the city from the 7th century BC to the 13th century AD. The Ancient City of Syedra is entered through the monumental gate located in the west of the city. Also, Cisterns built from ancient times and still suitable for use today are also found here. You can see a niche carved into the rock and fresco decorations around this niche, which is known as Baptism Cave and used for religious purposes. The bath located in the east of the city is one of the most magnificent works. You can see the mosaic remains on the floor. Besides, the colonnaded street, theater, temple, houses, shops, and walls are among the city’s must-see works. Entry to the ancient city is free.

3-The Red Tower

The Red Tower Of Alanya Turkey
Red Tower

It’s built-in 1226 by the Seljuk Sultan Keykubat. It is a fine example of naval defense structures built in the 13th century. The Red Tower was built to protect the shipyard, port, and castle from sea attacks. It has an octagonal shape, 5 floors, and its height is 30 meters. It was quite imposing and magnificent enough to be the subject of books during the period it was made. There are 22 suitable openings and 6 buns to interfere with the boiling pitch and boiling water to strengthen the defense purpose. Today, the first floor of the tower serves as an ethnographic museum.

4-Cleopatra Beach, Alanya Turkey

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya Turkey
Cleopatra Beach

What is Alanya famous for? The answer is ‘beaches’, so Cleopatra Beach is one of the uniquely beautiful beaches that starts from the end of Damlataş Beach. Its length is 2 kilometers there. The beach got its name from the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who lived between 69-30 BC.

The general of the time gave Alanya and its surroundings to Queen Cleopatra. When the Queen goes to the Mediterranean, she stops by Alanya and swims here. According to a rumor, it is said that there is a tunnel descending from the castle to the beach. It remains a beach where you can enjoy your holiday with its fine and golden sands, clear water, and shallowness.

5-Sapadere Canyon

Spadere Canyon in alanya - Antalya Turkey
Sapadere Canyon

This canyon, which is an enjoyable tour point especially in the spring, greets those who go as a natural beauty formed by the flowing waters for millions of years. One of the activities that visitors should do is to swim in the pool of water coming from the waterfall. This karstic formation canyon, which gives its village its name, is approximately 360 meters long. You can choose Sapadere to have a pleasant and cool day.

What is the weather like in Alanya Turkey?

It has a temperate and warm climate. The average annual temperature of Alanya is 18 °C.

Alanya Location

For more information about it, you can visit here.

Recommended historical Places in Turkey

There are too many historical landmarks in Turkey but Istanbul has more than the other Turkish cities. You can visit the Blue Mosque and discover its blue tiles’ magic. Also, you can go to Hagia Sophia Museum to live something historical.

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