Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace Is The Glory Of The Ottoman Empire

Istanbul, whose beauty is legendary, hosts magnificent and historical palaces. One of these palaces is the iconic Beylerbeyi Palace, which reflects the last periods of the Ottoman State and located on the Bosphorus side of the Anatolian Side.

History of the Beylerbeyi Palace

The construction of Beylerbeyi Palace started on August 6, 1863, and the palace opened for use with a ceremony on April 21, 1865.

Also, due to the curiosity and passion of Sultan Abdülaziz, who built the Beylerbeyi Palace, sea and ship themes were engraved in some frames and cartridges on the ceiling of the palace. In fact, Sultan Abdülaziz even drew patterns with sea and ship themes to give painters an idea.

Details such as the marble workmanship, historical objects, texture, location, and the unique view of the Bosphorus bring this place to the top of the places to visit in Istanbul.

the beylerbeyi palace sea view-the palaces by the sea in Turkey
The Beylerbeyi Palace sea view

Features of the Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace is a 2-floor building with a courtyard on a high basement. Built on an area of ​​approximately 2,500 square meters, the palace sits on a rectangular floor area. The southern part of Beylerbeyi Palace arranges as Mabeyn-i Hümâyun and the northern part as the Valide Sultan Apartment.

The Beylerbeyi Palace, built by blending Western and Eastern styles, has a total of 6 halls, 24 rooms, 1 bath, and 1 bathroom. The palace has features of the old Turkish house plan with its harem and mabeyn sections.

Beylerbeyi Palace continued to be an important building in the Republican era and guests from foreign countries were hosted here. For example, the Iranian Shah Pahlavi came to Turkey in 1934, was hosted by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in this palace.

the beylerbeyi palace's stairs-interior of the beylerbeyi palace
The Beylerbeyi Palace’s stairs

Additional Buildings at Beylerbeyi Palace

The annexes of the Palace, which hosted important guests such as French Empress Eugénie, Austro-Hungarian Emperor Joseph, Prussian Crown Prince Frédéric Guillaume Nicola Charles, are remarkable.

1-Sea Kiosks

It was made in pairs, one belonging to Mabeyn and the other to Valide Sultan. Pavilions, one of the most interesting design examples of the palace, are decorated with paintings of various animal figures.

2-Set Gardens

garden of the beylerbeyi palace-amazing palaces in istanbul
The palace’s garden

Beylerbeyi Palace is also an important work with the use of landscape. Its garden and its stretches are also magnificent. Apart from the garden just in front of the palace, there are 4 sets of gardens and a grove extending behind the sets.

3-Marble Kiosk

Another name of this mansion, which is known as Marble Pavilion because of its marble-covered facade, is Serdâb Köşk. The Marble Pavilion is buried in the 4th set behind the pool.

4-Yellow Mansion

Yellow Pavilion, located on the northeast side of Beylerbeyi Palace, is located in the 4th set garden. It is believed that this mansion was built for rest during walks.

5-Has Barn House

Has Ahır Mansion is a mansion that reflects the horse culture of the Ottoman period. There are horse and other animal figures on the ceilings in the entrance section. There are also horse-themed reliefs on the chandelier and other elements.

the beylerbeyi palace inside- inside view of the beylerbeyi palace- istanbul turkey tours

The Beylerbeyi Palace’s Opening Hours And Price

09:00 – 17:00, closed on Mondays

Entrance fee-Ticket Price: $10

How to get the Beylerbeyi Palace?

The palace is located in the borders of Üsküdar district of Istanbul province and the name Beylerbeyi. You can reach the palace, which is approximately 3.5 kilometers from Üsküdar dock, by walking along the coastal road. Even if you come from the European Side by car, you can go to Beylerbeyi when you turn to Üsküdar as soon as you pass the Bosphorus Bridge.


Notice! During the summertime, there is a long ticket queue so it is recommended to visit this palace early in the morning.

Notice! If you don’t want to miss anything about the Beylerbeyi Palace, you should get a Beylerbeyi Palace tour for visiting with a tourist guide.

the beylerbeyi palace's halls- architecture of the beylerbeyi palace
The Palace’s hall

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What else can we do there?

You can have breakfast overlooking the Bosphorus or sip your coffee in the cafeteria in the garden of the palace. Moreover, considering the service and atmosphere of the environment, the prices are very reasonable. The only problem is that it is very difficult to find a place due to intense interest, especially on weekends.

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