Ephesus Ancient City Turkey

Ephesus Turkey

Ephesus Ancient City is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is located in Selcuk district of Izmir city. Only 15 percent of Ephesus Turkey, one of the most important ancient cities of Anatolia, could be unearthed with the excavation works.

Ephesus Meaning

As a word of Ephesus has no special meaning in Greek. But there are two words whose pronunciation is similar Ephesus, epitrepo (permitted) and, arestos (desirable). In information on the content of the letter to this church in Revelation 2, Pastor Armstrong prefers the description of desirable.

History of Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus today is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers. The history of Ephesus dates back to the ancient age. It is approximately 9 thousand years old. During the excavations carried out in Ephesus, traces of the Hittites were also found. But the golden age of the city lived in the time of the Romans. City BC It was attached to the Roman Empire in 129. During this period, its population has grown to 200,000 and has become one of the most important cities in the world.

After the crucifixion of Jesus in 36 A.D., St. Paul brought Mary to Ephesus. The house where Mary lives is now a place of pilgrimage for Christians. Christians from all over the world come to Ephesus every year.

Ephesus was conquered by the Turks since 1304. With the alluviums carried by Küçük Menderes river, the port lost its commercial importance when its harbor was filled with sand. Now it has gained importance as one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is one of the most important outdoor museums in the world. Also, Ephesus is in Unesco The World Heritage List.

Ephesus travel
Ephesus turkey

Tips For Ephesus Ancient City Trip

It is not possible to quickly visit Ephesus, a city with a history dating back to 7 thousand BC. So I have some advice for you;

  • Spend at least 2 days to visit the ancient city of Ephesus.
  • Travel the area with a tour guide.
  • If there is no tour guide, take it from the guidebooks sold at the entrance.
  • I advise you to rent from the ears that explain the features of the places you visit at the entrance.
  • In the summertime, the sun and hot can be overwhelming.
  • Have water, an umbrella, and snacks in your backpack.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.
  • Since the region is sloped, I suggest you enter the Ancient City of Ephesus through the Magnesian gate for a more comfortable trip.
  • If you plan to visit 3 or more museums in 15 days I suggest getting a Museum Pass Card. It’ll be cheaper for you.
  • If you have not bought a tour of Ephesus, I recommend you to rent a car.

Ephesus Tour

You can visit Ephesus Ruins Turkey with daily tours. There are also accommodation tours. Also, you can go by yourself. It is entirely up to you. If you search by typing Ephesus Turkey Tours or Ephesus Daily Tour Prices in the search engine, you will see many options. You can choose the one that suits you.

What To See In Ephesus Turkey

There are many ruins and structure in Ancient Region of Ephesus.

Ephesus Church

Church of Ephesus Turkey
Ephesus Church Ruins

There is 7 Church of Revelation. So, Ephesus Church is a Revelation Church. Also, it is one of the seven churches mentioned in the Bible( If you want more info click here). It located on the right side at the entrance to the ancient city of Ephesus from the direction of Selçuk. It is one of the places that should be in your program in the ancient city tour. Church of Mary built in the name of Theotokos (Mary), is an ancient Christian cathedral in Izmir. It is also known as the Church of the Council, as it is believed that two consuls holding an important place in the history of Christianity held meetings here.

Church of Ephesus today is in Selçuk district in Izmir province in Turkey. You can go there via Turkey tours. Or if you go Turkey holidays with a cruiser, can buy Ephesus port tours to visit Ephesusarchaeological

Arcadian Street

Arcadian Street
Arcadian Street

the longest street of Ephesus Ancient City is Arcadian Street (Turkish: Liman Caddesi). It connects Odeon and the Ancient Port. The two sides of the street are covered with magnificent columns. The street, whose floor is covered with marble, is 11 m wide. The kings who used to visit here were greeted here. Various products were sold in the shops around the street.

Ephesus Great Theatre

Ephesus Great Theatre
Ephesus Great Theatre

The Amphitheatre of Ephesus, which is a very large building, has a capacity of 24.000 people. It is known as the biggest theater of antiquity. The Ancient Theater is in an important position for Christians because St. Paul preached here.

Commercial Agora

Commercial Agora Turkey travel
Commercial Agora

The Agora, which has 3 entrances, was one of the most important trade centers of Ancient Ephesus. It was built by Emperor Augustus. It is located next to the Celsus library.

Temple Of Serapis

Temple of Serapis Turkey tour
Temple Of Serapis

It was built between 138-192 A.D., In fact, it is an Egyptian temple but was later converted into a church. You can see in Ephesus Ruins.

Library Of Celsus

Library Of Celsus
Library of Celsus

It was built in the name of Celsius, the governor of Ephesus, who died in 106 A.D. It is an artistic building with single floors and high ceilings.

Terrace Houses

Terrace Houses Selcuk Turkey
The Terrace Houses

The houses built in a luxurious style were the places where the rich in Ephesus lived. The underfloor heating system was used and many parts are still standing. In the middle of the huge halls, there are fountains and snouts. They have a magnificent appearance with fancy frescoes on their walls.

Scholastica Bath

Scolastica Bath Izmir
Scolastica Bath

Scholastica Baths, It was built at the end of the 1st century A.D. While going down from the main street, the big bath structures on the right have an important place in Ephesus culture. Scholastica Baths consist of four sections as hot water room, a warm water room, a cold water room, and a dressing room.

Curetes Street on Ephesus Ancient City

Curetes Street Ephesus
Curetes Street

It is the most important street where important ceremonies are held. The street covered with columns on both sides extends to the Celsus Library. The floor of this street, which is 8 meters wide, is covered with marble.

Gate Of Hercules in Ephesus Turkey

Gate of Hercules
Gate of Hercules

There is a door on the Curetes street with the Hercules relief between the two columns. This gate is called Hercules Gate.

Fountain Of Trajan

Fountain Of Trajan
Fountain of Trajan

Trajan Fountain, one of the most famous fountains of Rome, is a gaudy and flamboyant structure.

Temple Of Hadrian

Temple of Hadrian
Temple of Hadrian

Hadrian’s Temple was thought to have been built on Curetes Street, but it was understood that this was not the result of researches. It was found that it was built in an area close to the port and then the entrance door was moved to Curetes Street. In this way, the memory of Emperor Hadrian was tried to be kept alive.

Museum Of Ephesus Turkey

Museum of Ephesus
Museum of Ephesus

The museum, located in the district of Selçuk, is one of the places you should visit. It is one of the most important and rich museums in Europe. You can see the statues of Artemis and many other historical monuments. The Ephesus Museum consists of two sections: Archeology and Ethnography.

The House Of The Virgin Mary

house of virgin mary
The House of Virgin Mary

It is believed that Mary, the mother of Jesus, lived and died here. As a historical Byzantine church, it attracts the attention of foreign tourists.

Temple Of Artemis

Temple of Artemis
Temple of Artemis

The temple built in the name of the goddess Artemis. It was completed in 550 B.C. The Temple of Artemis is made entirely of marble. It is also known as the Temple of Diana. Only ruins have survived to the present day.

Ephesus Map

Ephesus Turkey Map
Map of Ephesus

How To Get To Ephesus Turkey?

Izmir to Ephesus: You can get a minibus in Izmir Coach Station for going to Selçuk. After reaching Selçuk you should get a minibus or taxi to go to Ephesus.

Istanbul to Ephesus: First you should go to Izmir. There are three way;

  1. Bus: You can take a bus ticket from an agent.
  2. Plane: There are flight Istanbul to Izmir every day
  3. Car: You can rent a car if you want.

After reaching Izmir, you must follow the steps in the previous paragraph.

Kusadasi to Ephesus: Kuşadası district of Aydın province is 20 km away from Ephesus Ancient City. Most of the tourists coming to Kusadasi with cruise ships stop by Ephesus Ancient City with daily tours. You can reach the Ancient City of Ephesus by Selçuk minibusses from Kuşadası Bus Terminal or by buses going to İzmir. Transportation takes about 35 minutes.

If you want to go to Istanbul or Pamukkale, finishing your Ephesus travel, there are flights Ephesus to Istanbul and, Ephesus to Pamukkale every day. You can check it online.

Visiting Hours of Ancient City of Ephesus

Summertime : April to October : 08:00 – 19:00

Wintertime: November to May : 08:30 – 18:00

Entrance Fee of Ephesus

Ephesus Ancient City entrance fee : $15

Terrace Houses entrance fee: $5

The House Of Virgin Mary antrance fee: $5

Ephesus Location

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