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Fethiye Holidays

When you ask yourself ‘where should I go on vacation in Turkey?’, Its first answer is Fethiye Oludeniz.

There are many things to do in Fethiye. You can swim the best beaches in Turkey such as Oludeniz beach and Fethiye beach, go to paragliding or camping in Butterfly Valley Fethiye.

Fethiye Has Turquoise Coast

Fethiye is one of the 13 districts of Muğla in the west of the Mediterranean Region. It is a paradise town with its ancient cities from the Lycian era, the blue flag as Ölüdeniz and its unique beaches and turquoise coasts in the world, very special areas such as the Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay, its 12 islands and the unique beaches that are the breeding grounds of Caretta caretta sea turtles. It is the lush nature and the blue of the sea that you can see every one of the important tourist resorts in Turkey.

What things to do in Fethiye?

Oludeniz (means: dead sea, also known as The Blue Lagoon) is the first place that comes to mind when you think of Fethiye. It has a legendary beauty with the Lagoon and Belcegız Beach. Immaculate, crystal clear sea, wide beach, lush mountains, and tranquility.

Where is Fethiye Ölüdeniz- Sea paradise in turkey-Dead sea mugla-
Fethiye’s amazing sea

Fethiye is also a suitable region for diving, water sports, camping, and trekking. One of the most suitable geographies for camping. You can swim while sniffing the smell of pine trees, wander through deserted ancient cities when the beaches are crowded, or fly over the beaches.

Fethiye, which was called Telmessos in ancient times, is one of the ports frequented by blue cruise boats. Blue tour is one of the most beautiful activities in the district in the lap of nature. There are many boat tours or boat accommodation options.

paragliding in ölüdeniz-tourist attractions in ludeniz
You can paraglide in Ölüdeniz

The 12 Islands, consisting of 12 islands close to each other in the west and northeast directions of Fethiye should be seen. When you make the 12 Islands Tour, which is the famous boat tour of Fethiye, you will be able to swim by stops such as Knight Island, Yassicalar Island, Kızıl Island, Shipyard Island, Ships Island, Göcek Island, Zeytinli Island, Pig Island, and Delikli Island, which are world-famous and have many magnificent houses. Fethiye boat tours start every day at 10:30 from Fethiye Harbor or Ölüdeniz. It is useful to book at least one night in advance.

The regions you will choose as accommodation in Fethiye may change according to your expectation. If you want lively nightlife, stay in Hisarönü or Ölüdeniz. If you want to stay in a virgin place, Faralya, Kabak Bay is the most beautiful. Butterfly Valley may be suitable if you say I stay in a tent. If you want to stay in calm, calm and away from crowds, go to Yaniklar Village. The Calis region is the most beautiful if you are lazy :).

History of Fethiye

Fethiye King Tombs are located in the center of Fethiye, 1.5 km from Fethiye Harbor. The rock-carved tombs dating from the 4th century BC Lycian period, reached by nearly 100 steps, were made for people with high status. The tombs, made of rocks suitable for carving and processing, consist of two floors, rectangular carvings on the front, and a gothic arched lid. The most important of the rock tombs carved into the slopes is Amyntas King’s Tomb. Both sides of the cover are decorated with frescoes depicting the wars in which scenes from the person’s life are animated.

The ruins of Telmessos, which was famous as a city of prophets in ancient times and was established in the area stretching from the slopes of the mountain where Fethiye rests its back to the bay, can be seen in the center. Telmessos is an ancient city named after Telmessos, the son of the god Apollo. Very few of its remains have survived to the present day. An ancient theater with a capacity of 5000 people can be seen in the 2nd century AD. The theater, which is understood to have been used as an arena during the Byzantine period, is now suitable for 1500 people.

The Places To Visit In Fethiye

1. Centre of Fethiye

Fethiye Old Town (Paspatur Old Town) is the area of ​​Paspatur Bazaar, the old settlement of Fethiye. There are historical textures from the Ottoman period to the present in Paspatur Bazaar where there are cozy houses with wooden bays restored by its original. It is located in the 18th century Old Mosque and the Fethiye Bath, which still serves today.

Center of fethiye-
Centre of Fethiye

Umbrella Street is also very nice. One can take a long walk in Kordon during sunset hours. In the evening, you can have a delicious and affordable seafood feast at the Fish Market. You can buy fresh fish and seafood sold here by choosing and negotiating and eat them in small restaurants just around the state for a cooking fee. Calis Beach is the first destination for those who want to swim in the center of Fethiye.

2. Calis District

Calis is the name of the region located in the Gulf of Fethiye, 10 minutes from the center. Çalış Beach, one of the longest beaches of Fethiye, lies in front of it. Behind the wide and sandy beach that is kilometers long, it hosts many hotels, summer houses, restaurants, and gift shops.

Calis beach-swimming destinations in Muğla
The Calis Beach

On the beach, where there are toilets, showers, cabins, umbrellas, and sun loungers, there are free beach facilities and beachside cafes and restaurants. Since Çalış’s beach is a little stony, you can take your sea shoes with you, if any. Calis Beach, which is calm and calm in the mornings, turns quite fluctuating in the afternoon. In the summer, water sports facilities are also many. Also ideal for families with children.

Calis is a holiday region where you can stay. Whether rent a villa, hotel room, or pension, apart from the address of every holiday suitable for everyone. It can be reached by bus from Fethiye town center in 10 minutes. Right across the beach is Knight Island. The boats that are loaded to the island at certain hours from Fethiye Port are moving.

Knight Island is an island located in the north of Fethiye Harbor and named after Rhodes knights in the region in the 15th century. On the island, which has strategic importance since ancient times with its location that can control the entrances to the harbor, you can see the castle used in the late Roman period and the ruins of the walls, houses, old cisterns and various mosaics of this castle. You can use the ferries operating between 10 and 19 hours to reach the island.

3.Oludeniz (The Blue Lagoon)

For many local or foreign tourists, Fethiye means Ölüdeniz. Fethiye Ölüdeniz Neighborhood attracts much more attention from the holiday center for holidaymakers. Ölüdeniz is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is also among the top 10 beaches in Europe. One of the regions you can choose for accommodation for the Fethiye holiday.

Ölüdeniz beach- Oludeniz beach

Ölüdeniz Lagoon, “Heaven, Where God Donates to the World!” as a natural wonder he describes. Ten months of the year, the water of Ölüdeniz, which looks like a natural lagoon with its warm and stagnant water, stays clean throughout the year thanks to the sources gushing from the bottom and tides. The lagoon surrounded by pine trees and hills in Ölüdeniz, which was selected as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006, is a protected area.

Ölüdeniz is also the name of the settlement next to it. The town has hotels and pensions for every budget. There are many options, from multi-room, star hotels to exquisite boutique hotels or cozy pensions or apartments. Numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars lined up along the beach or across the street. It is a place that can meet all the needs of holidaymakers with its shops selling souvenirs and sea supplies, places where you can shop.

Exquisite beach, also known as Belcegız Beach, lies right in front of Ölüdeniz Town. Belcekız Beach (Belceğiz Beach) is a part of Ölüdeniz, which Kumburnu separates from each other. The water of the beautiful sandy and the less pebbly shallow beach is clear. With its long beaches and turquoise sea, this is the most favorite holiday center of Ölüdeniz. Belcekız Beach is also the departure point of the boats that make trips to various bays in Ölüdeniz tours. The landing strip of paragliding is located in front of this beach and the shops that run parallel to the beach.

4.Kelebekler Vadisi ( The Butterfly Valley)

Butterfly Valley is a wonder of nature. It is an interesting valley, which is surrounded by mountains with an average height of 350 m, about 5-7 km from Ölüdeniz. The region, named after the butterflies named “Jarsey Tiger” seen between July and September, is a small paradise on earth with a small waterfall flowing in summer and winter, a wide beach, clear sea, sparkling pebbles and pink oleander flowers adorning the environment.

The butterfly valley in fethiye-camping places in fethiye-camp in turkey
The Butterfly Valley

The valley, where transportation is provided by boats from Ölüdeniz, is also the meeting place of world travelers. The valley, which hosts more than 80 species of butterflies, attracts botanists and entomologists thanks to its endemic species, quiet and peaceful environment. You can stay in tents or tree houses in the valley with climbing routes.

5. The Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay, where you will face every shade of green and blue, is a heaven on earth. Kabak Bay consists of a deep canyon shaped valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and a pebbly beach that opens to the sea. Dark Pumpkin on the historical Lycian Way, Turkey’s most beautiful bays. There are boutique hotels and pensions in the genre that bite the sight.

kabak bay in muğla- kabak beach
Kabak Bay

You can see the thousands of years old Lycian cemetery and Aladere Waterfall, which contains hundreds of butterfly and bird species by trekking on the ancient Lycian Way near the bay, which has not been footed until 1987 and has not been affected by the ice age. You can stay in tree houses and tents in Kabak Bay, a kind of twin and close neighbor of Butterfly Valley.

6.Cennet Bay

Cennet (means: paradise) Bay is truly a peaceful bay, befitting its name, deserted, virgin, where green and blue meet. The Cennet Bay, which you can reach by boats departing from Kabak Bay or Butterfly Valley, has a very fine sandy beach. The back of the sheep is the pine forest that you can take.

Cennet bay in - paradise bay in turkey-world's heaven in turkey
Cennet Bay

7.Gemile Bay

A bay with an exquisite view, including Gemile Island. Gemile Island (St. Nicholas Island) is an island that can be reached by boat from Ölüdeniz or Gemile Bay. The island was one of the places that Christians visited in Anatolia while going to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. There is no settlement since it is a protected area. Also, There are 11 basilica-type churches, many chapels, houses, warehouses, tombs, and cisterns belonging to the Byzantine period on the island, which is considered as a ruin today.

Gemile bay in fethiye-12 islands in fethiye- tourist places in turkey
The Gemile Bay

How To Get To Fethiye?

Dalaman Airport is the nearest and most convenient airport to go to Fethiye by plane. Dalaman Fethiye is 44 km away.

Transportation from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye: Dalaman Airport is 44 km from Fethiye. From Dalaman Airport, you can come to the bus station in Fethiye town center with HAVAŞ and MUTTAŞ services. You can also get transportation by car rental, taxi, and transfer options.

Weather Of Fethiye Oludeniz

It has a warm and temperate climate; There is more rainfall in the winter than in the summer in Fethiye. The average annual temperature in Fethiye is 17.7 ° C.

Where is Fethiye Ölüdeniz?

For more information about Fethiye Ölüdeniz, you can visit here.

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