Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Has The World’s History

The heritage of cultural heritage that adorned the halls of museums such as the British Museum and the Berlin Museum in the Ottoman lands; It was said to stop with the laws enacted by Osman Hamdi Bey’s initiatives. Personally, Osman Hamdi Bey; He is a great person who founded the Istanbul Archaeological Museum (Turkish: Istanbul Arkeoloji Müzesi).

ship ruin in the garden of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum
A ship ruin

When you exit from the Topkapı Palace, follow the path downwards on the right, you reach the Museums Section. Here you can access from next to Gülhane Park. There are 3 museums and workshops, these are the Museum of Ancient Orient, the Archeology Museum and the Tiled Pavilion. After the entrance from the main door, you will see a wooden boat ruin the right side in the garden.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Within the museum; There are over a million works. In the Archeology Museum: after restoration and renovation works; The most important works on display are İskender Tomb, Crying Women Tomb, Satrap Tomb, Necropolis of Sayda King, Tomb steles belonging to Mother Goddess Kybele, Sculpture pieces left from Bergama Zeus Altar, Head of Alexander.

The Alexander Sarcophagus-istanbul archaeological museum
The Alexander Sarcophagus

The building was built as “Müze-i Humayun” On 13 June 1891 By Osman Hamdi Bey to architect Alexandre Vallaury. South and north wings; It was opened to visitors in 1902 and 1908. Two floors building is one of the most beautiful and magnificent examples of the neoclassical period.

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is the first Turkish building built as a museum. In the world, it is among the ten museums in this type. It consists of two buildings which are the main building and annex building

There are ancient Egyptian artifacts such as inscriptions, mummies, sculptures and even mini sphinxes.

The Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty-first written treaty in history-Turkey tour-
The Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty, it is known first written treaty in history

There are many cuneiform inscriptions such as sundial with Arami inscription, Egyptian mummies, a statue of Adapte Lugal Dalu, the Treaty of Kadesh (the first written treaty in history) Bosphorus Sphinx Gate lion Hammurabi Laws.

There are enormous artifacts in this museum. Especially with regard to sarcophagi, I think it is the richest museum in the world. The most impressive work of the museum is the İskender Tomb. The engravings on the enormous size (I think it is the biggest sarcophagus in the world) are so detailed… Also, not only white, red marble or paint was used, so the blood representations are very impressive.

chains which used in siege of Istanbul
chains which used in siege of Istanbul

Museum Visiting Hours And Fees

09:00 – 18:00, closed on Mondays

Entrance Fee: $10

The Istanbul Archaeological Musem Location

How to get the Istanbul Archaeological Museum?

The easiest way is to take a tram to Gulhane, and you can get there with just a short walk.

For more information about the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, you can visit here

Other tourist attractions are near the Archaeological Museum?

There are many sights just a short walk from the Museum, you can visit The Topkapi Palace after that go to the Eminönü district for eating fish. Also, you can see the New Mosque in Eminönü.

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