Kemer Antalya

Kemer Antalya

It is a resort town 40 km away from Antalya. Kemer is home to millions of tourists in the summer season. Kemer, one of the most attractive districts of Antalya, attracts visitors not only in the summer period but also in the spring and winter months. It is famous for its nightlife, outdoor activities, blue and clear sea, magnificent beaches and luxury hotels. The summer holiday in Kemer Antalya is the ideal option for your holiday concept. Easy access from other districts of Antalya is also an advantage for travelers.


Holiday in Kemer Antalya

Offering a unique view of the sea, forest and mountain, Kemer offers its visitors a pleasant holiday with its magnificent nature, unique beaches, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Kemer has a 52km coastline alongside the azure sea, lush forest areas and spectacular mountain views. There are many bays and small natural harbors along this coastline. If you haven’t made plans for a holiday in Kemer yet, you should be quick. It can be difficult to find space during the summer season.It is among the most visited resorts every summer season. It is famous for its hotels, places to visit, Marina, Goynuk, Botany, Beldibi, beaches, Olympus, Cirali and famous beaches.

Beldibi Cave

Places to visit in Kemer

5-Star themed and luxury hotels as well as affordable accommodation options after spending the day on the beaches or historical areas in Kemer. You can go to bars and entertainment clubs which are the center of the lively nightlife to relieve the stress of the whole year. Known as the holiday and tourism paradise of the Mediterranean, Kemer’s Blue Flag Beach welcomes thousands of visitors, especially during the summer period, with its immaculate air, lush nature, and unlimited nightlife. Places to visit in Kemer include Idyros Ancient City, Beydaglari National Park, Phaselis Ancient City, Beldibi Cave, Seljuk Hunting Lodge, and wonderful beaches.

Beydaglari National Park

Best Kemer Hotels

For those who want to be close to food and drink and shopping options. And colorful nightlife, our first accommodation offer is the district center of it, which is famous for its all-inclusive system of luxury hotels. Kemer hotels vary according to everyone’s budget. There are cheap but comfortable hostels. There are 3-4 and 5-star luxury hotels, apart-hotels, and villa rental options. You can choose hotels in resorts such as Beldibi, Goynuk, Kiris, and Tekirova depending on Kemer instead of the district center. If you say that the activities offered by the hotel are enough for me, if you are in search of a more tranquil resort, intertwined with nature. Hotels in the residential areas between Antalya and Kemer operate in the coastal areas and are mostly all-inclusive resorts. Regional hotels where you can spend a peaceful holiday with your family offer transfer services to Antalya and the district center.

Kemer Beach

Kemer Travel Tips

Do not organize your holiday without reading Kemer Travel Tips. The best holiday period in Kemer is April and October. In September, the crowd decreases, and prices are cheap. Air temperature is ideal. You can enjoy the sea and the holiday. Also, you can choose for holiday Alanya or Adrasan in Antalya.

Phaselis Ancient City


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