Maiden’s Tower Istanbul

Maidens Tower Is The Pearl of Istanbul Bosphorus

The Maiden’s Tower (Turkish: Kiz Kulesi, also known as Leander’s Tower), which inspired films and poems with its beauty, is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Istanbul. Its impressive history and unique scenery make the tower, in which many legends derived, as exciting as the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque.

Maiden's Tower view-Historical places in Turkey-Istanbul trip-Kiz kulesi in Istanbul
Maiden’s Tower Istanbul

Maiden’s Tower’s Features

The tower, built on a small islet, is about 18 meters high. The 5 floors building is the last remaining Byzantine building in Üsküdar District. The tower named after Damalis, the wife of the King of Athens Chares, in ancient times.

The tower, which became unusable by fire and earthquake disasters many times in the past, has a structurally largely shaped form. It obtained as a result of repairs during the reign of Mahmud II. Even during these works, the sultan’s monogram added to the entrance of the building with an inscription.

Maiden's Tower view-Historical places in Turkey-Istanbul trip-Kiz kulesi in Istanbul
Maiden’s Tower Turkey

It is the first time in the historical sources that its name is BC The tower, which mentioned in 410, built by the Athenian Alkibiades to control the ship traffic in the Bosphorus and to collect taxes from them. Chares placed a sarcophagus for his wife in 341 BC to the structure, which became an important control point with the chain drawn from Sarayburnu Beach.

Although it is in the middle of a big city like Istanbul, it is at a point where people cannot reach easily, and in time, it has caused many legends to appear.

Maiden's Tower close view-Historical places in Turkey-Istanbul trip-Kiz kulesi in Istanbul
Maiden’s Tower close view

Legend Of The Maiden’s Tower

The most well-known the Maiden’s Tower story is about the daughter of the emperor. According to legend, a daughter of the Byzantine emperor was born. He declared the birthday of the princess as a feast, the happiness of the emperor did not last long. Because the oldest of the scholars told the mighty ruler that his daughter would be bitten by a snake before she was 18 years old and she would die.

The emperor then repaired the building in the middle of the sea and placed his daughter in the tower. However, the princess, who lived in the safe environment of the tower for a while, could not escape fate and was bitten by a snake who came to the island in the fruit basket.

Maiden's Tower restaurant-Historical places in Turkey-Turkish food in Istanbul-Istanbul trip-Kiz kulesi in Istanbul
Maiden Tower restaurant

Things To Do At Maiden’s Tower

A restaurant and bar are serving 7 days a week in the Maiden Tower, which located close to the part of the beautiful Bosphorus opening to Marmara.

In the evening, you can enjoy pleasant Turkish foods with your loved ones accompanied by city views, and breakfast and lunch served in the Maiden’s Tower restaurant. Breakfast service starts at 09.00 on weekdays and 10.00 on weekends; It ends at 13.00. The lunch service starts at 12.00.

Where is the Maiden’s Tower? Maiden’s Tower’s location

Maiden Tower Opening Hours And Fees

Visiting Hours : 09:00-24:00

Entrance Fee: $6

For more information about the Maiden’s Tower, you can visit here

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