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Olympus is an ancient city in the Kumluca District of Antalya in the Mediterranean region. It is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey where you can holiday with nature. It, a town in the Kumluca District of Antalya, is especially prominent with its nature surrounded by pine trees, its ancient spirit and its beach, home to Caretta Caretta turtles, but it is, in fact, the possibility of accommodation in treehouses that have made it one of the most enjoyable holiday routes in Turkey for many years.

Where is Olympus, how to go?

It is a region in the Mediterranean region and 83 km from Antalya. It was established in a valley on the west coast of the Gulf of Antalya, on the border of Kemer and Kumluca districts. It, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Antalya, is about 28 km west of Kemer and is 40 minutes away from Kumluca. You can reach Antalya Bus Station; from here you can come to Olympus by riding in Kumluca minibusses. All buses and minibusses from Antalya Bus Station to Kumluca and Fethiye pass through It. After the minibus leaves you at Olympus Junction, you can go down to the beach with the minibusses that run every ten minutes during the summer period.

History of Olympus

Olympus means “Great Mountain” in ancient Greek. More than twenty mountains and hills around the world bear this name, and some of the nearby towns and cities have also taken that name. The most famous of these hills is the Thessalian Hill in the north-east of Greece, considered the home of the ancient Greek gods. It takes its name from Tahtali Mountain, formerly known as Mount Olympus. Tahtali Mountain is located 10 km north of the city and its foothills contain the fire known today as Yanartas, which never goes out. It was one of the most important cities of the ancient Lycian civilization. The foundations of the city are in the ancient Hellenistic period, BC. Around 300 were built. It is known that Alexander the Great spent the winter months in Phaselis, a port city adjacent to Olympus, during the first years of his conquests.

Places to Visit

The ancient city of Olympus, located within the National Park of Olympus Beydaglari, is the first place to visit in Olympus. The ancient city of Olympus, one of the most important trade centers of Lycia, was founded in the valley formed by the Olympus tea. Most of the Hellenistic and Roman ruins are hidden behind trees and shrubs in It, which at first glance is not much like the ancient cities we are used to seeing. If you skip these sections and continue towards the beach, the trip to the ancient city will not make you happy. So visit these sections that combine nature and history. Olympus Beach is the second place to visit. You can sunbathe and swim all day. Ulupinar, famous for its fish restaurants, is another place to visit. If you want to do Trekking, you must visit Ulupinar. It is an ideal area for hiking.

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Recommended Tourist Places In Turkey

There are too many historical landmarks and holiday destinations in Turkey. You can visit the Blue Mosque and discover its blue tiles’ magic. Also, you can go to Hagia Sophia Museum to live something historical. Pamukkale and Kemer also you can choose for your vacation.

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