Princess Island Turkey

Princess Island, Splendid Islands In Istanbul

Princes Islands ( Turkish: Prens Adaları ) is an archipelago in the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul Turkey. Its name in Turkish is Adalar (The Islands).

In the Islands, where the locals generally prefer to visit the weekend, but tourists stay in hotels and spend a few days. Adalar, which is a district of Istanbul, consists of nine islands. Their names are Buyukada, Heybeli Ada, Burgazada, Kınalıada, Sedef Adası, Yassı Ada, Sivri Ada, Kaşık Adası, and Tavşan Adası. In general, the choice of tourists for accommodation is Büyükada and Heybeli Island.

Buyukada Turkey travel

Buyukada (Big Island)

Big Island (Turkish:Buyukada) is the biggest of the islands that make up the Princes’ island. The use of motor vehicles on Buyukada is prohibited. Therefore, people use bicycles as vehicles in Princess Island. You can rent a bike and go for a pleasant stroll. You can also take an island tour by renting an electric car.

Autumn in Princes Islands Turkey
Autumn in Princess Island

Weather of Buyukada

  • Sea Water Temperature: 22 ° C (Summer measurement)
  • Highest measured temperature: 28 ° C during the day – 20 ° C at night (during the summer)
  • Most precipitation month: Week 2 of September and the first half of October
  • The average annual temperature is 14.6 ° C

Things to do in Buyukada

There are eight beaches on Buyukada. The entrance fee to the beaches is between 5-10 dollars. You can enjoy the sea by taking your swimming clothes with you.

Aya Yorgi Church

Aya yorgi church in Princess Island
Aya Yorgi Church

It built as a church in 1751. It has been used as a monastery for many years. The building next to the bell tower added in 1905.

Old Greek Orphanage

The greek orphanage in Turkey
The Greek Orphanage

Entrance to the Greek Orphanage, which is the largest wooden building in the world and still standing, is prohibited. It can only be seen from the outside. The building not using any more since 1964.

Getting more info about other historical buildings in Buyukada, you can check here

The Princes Islands Museum (Adalar Müzesi)

museum of the princess island
Museum of the Princes Islands

The Adalar Museum, Istanbul’s first modern city museum, opened in 2010, awaits its visitors. The museum has hundreds of objects, thousands of documents, photographs, and film records. The museum is the first stop for those who want to learn about Buyukada.

Museum of The Princes’ Islands official link

Heybeli Ada

Heybeliada Istanbul
Heybeli Ada

It has almost the same conditions as splendid Buyukada, but its only difference is its smaller area. You can visit the island by staying at the hotels on the beach. You can have a picnic by enjoying the magnificent view or enjoy the water by swimming. Heybeliada beaches are charged.

After eating your food in quality restaurants, you can buy delicious ice cream and continue your island tour.

Tips For Princess Island Tour

  • Wear sweat-proof clothing and comfortable shoes on your way to Princes Island.
  • Take sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat with you.
  • Have water with you.
  • Get a tour guide for Princess Island Istanbul tour(Optional)
  • Princess island ferry tickets are $ 2 per person.
  • Entrance fee of the beaches are $5 -$10
Buyukada tour- Buyukada Istanbul tour
Buyukada trip

How To Get To Princess Island

You can reach the Princes’ Islands with a 1-hour ferry ride from Istanbul. During your journey, you can take your drink and drink or take a photo while watching the view.

House in buyukada Istanbul
A House in Buyukada

Princess Island Location

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