Where Is The Ottoman Empire’s Strong History

The tourists who come to Istanbul, firstly visit The Topkapi Palace museum because it is so famous all over the world. The Topkapi Palace has amazing buildings and a strong history of the Ottoman Empire.

The Topkapi Palace

After Mehmed The Conqueror conquered Istanbul in 1453, the palace started to be built in 1460 and completed in 1478; It was built on an area of ​​700,000 square meters in Sarayburnu, at the tip of the historical Istanbul peninsula between the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn.

Topkapi palace entrance-the gate of the topkapi palace-turkey tours
Topkapi Palace’s entrance

The Topkapi Palace (Turkish: Topkapi Sarayi) has been used as the administration, education, and art center of the empire for approximately four hundred years from the Mehmed The Conqueror until the thirty-first sultan, Sultan Abdulmecid. Although it was abandoned by the dynasty moving to Dolmabahçe Palace in the middle of the 19th century, it has always kept its importance.

After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey on April 3, it became a museum in 1924 and is the first museum in the Republic of Topkapi Palace Museum, currently covers an area of ​​about 300,000 square meters. Topkapı Palace, separated from the city by the East Roman walls by the sea, is one of the largest palace-museums of the world with its architectural structures, collections, and nearly 300,000 archive documents.

Topkapi palace garden-topkapi palace view-topkapi palace parts-Turkey travel
Topkapi palace’s parts

Iznik Tiles

You can encounter the finest quality of handmade the Iznik Tiles in all of Istanbul in the Harem section of the palace, which was once the private residence of Ottoman Sultans and their families.

The Iznik Tiles
The Iznik Tiles

The Spoonmaker’s Diamond

Exhibited in the treasure section, this 86 carat diamond is listed as the fifth biggest diamond of the world. It is thought to get its name because it was found by a fisherman who, thinking it was glass, swapped it at a jewelry market for just three spoons.

Spoonmakers diamond
The Spoonmaker’s Diamond

Topkapi Palace Opening Hours And Fees

Visiting Hours: 09:00 – 19:00 ( Closed on Tuesdays)

Entrance Price: $18

Topkapi Palace's parts-Entrance of the Topkapi Palace-Holiday in Turkey-Historical places in Turkey
Topkapi Palace’s entrance

How to get there?

The easiest way to get a tram. It is located from either Gülhane or Sultanahmet tram stations within walking distance.

Topkapi Palace Location

For more information about The Topkapi Palace, you can visit here

Nearby the Topkapi Palace

There are amazing places and buildings nearby the Topkapi Palace. You can walk to Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia or visit the Basilica Cistern.


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