Yedikule Fortress

Yedikule Fortress Is The Historical Dungeon In Istanbul

Yedikule dungeons or Yedikule Fortress is one of Turkey’s oldest open-air museum. It is a building that you need to add to the list of places to visit in Istanbul. Maybe it isn’t popular with other historical sites in Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia or Maiden’s Tower.

Although this structure called a dungeon, it was a magnificent greeting to kings and guests from foreign countries. The building, located in the first entrance part of the city once, had a flamboyant and extremely magnificent feature.

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Yedikule Fortress Istanbul Turkey

The Yedikule Fortress

The reason why dungeons called Yedikule(Seven towers) is that dungeons consist of 7 separate towers. Each tower has a story in it. One of these towers is known as dungeon tower. There is a tower which its name the dungeon tower. The tower also used as a dungeon. The wooden floors of the tower damaged to a large extent due to the fires. But this gloomy air in the dungeon is still not lost, and on the contrary, it has become more evident with fires.

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Yedikule Fortress’ Gate

A mescit (small mosque) and a fountain were built in the middle of the fort’s inner courtyard, which also contained the houses of the garrison, forming a separate city quarter. The houses were torn down in the 19th century, and a girls’ school was built in their place. The outer gate was re-opened in 1838, and the fort’s towers functioned as gunpowder magazines for a while thereafter, until the whole facility was turned over to become a museum in 1895.

An open-air theater has been built in more recent years and is used for cultural festivals. Like its namesake in Jerusalem, a Muslim cemetery now lies in front of the Golden Gate.

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Fortress stairs

Yedikule Fortress Opening Hours and Fees

Monday-Saturday: 08:30 – 18:00, Sunday: Closed

Entrance fee: $1

How to get there?

The quickest way is to take the train, which means you don’t have to sit in endless amounts of traffic around Fatih District and the smaller distracts past there. Head to Sirkeci Station in Fatih and take the train to Halkali. Yedikule is part way between the two and the stop will be well announced.

Of course, you could take the bus if you really want to, and there is a direct bus from Eminonu to Yedikule which runs a few times per day. Remember, traffic around this part of the city is very bad.

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